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SmokeFreeLife Video

An online application for service users to access expert support and advice from behaviour change agents via a video chat facility.

Our Service

Our Smokefreelife video platform enables online smoking cessation consultations to take place between service users and advisers. Users can choose advisers by viewing their profiles and schedules. This enables users to make choices about languages and appointment times that will fit in with their lifestyle. The video platform runs within a browser and features:

  • Browser support for Chrome, Explorer (later version), Safari and Firefox.
  • Bookable appointments.
  • Reminder texts to users.
  • Ability to share documents to users (such as information about medication).
  • A virtual waiting room for users with interactive features.
  • Instant messaging during the consultation.

If you are interested in our smokefreelife video platform system please contact us here.

We would be particularly interested in partnership opportunities to expand the usage of this application into other areas of health.

Client Testimonial

“Seeing and chatting to an advisor from the comfort of my own home really helped me to quit smoking”

SmokeFreeLife Client


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