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Falls are a major threat to the health and independence of older adults aged 65 and older, being the leading cause of injury deaths and non-fatal injuries. Nearly 1/3rd of older adults experience a fall, and about 1/10 falls among older adults result in a serious injury, such as a hip fracture or head injury, that requires hospitalisation. Additionally, as we get older we tend to become less mobile. Without regular movement our joints become stiffer, muscles become weaker and balance becomes unsteady. Not only does this increase our risk of falling but it becomes a cycle in which our lack of balance and weaker muscles put us off walking, increasing our risk of falling when we do walk.


Falls Prevention service is aimed at preventing falls entirely in those aged 60 and over. This is achieved by reaching out into the community to identify those that may be at a medium risk of falling often without knowing it. Our team of Wellness Coaches carry out a detailed assessment of your falls risk while collaborating with you and your family to develop a package of holistic community-based support including an offer of FREE strength and balance exercise classes. Our comprehensive assessment includes:

Falls self-confidence test

A basic questionnaire assessment

Footwear and food care assessment

Falls free referral tool

Quantitative Timed Up and Go (QTUG) test:
This will determine your level of risk for falling, and place you within low-medium-and high risk

Home risk assessment

For more information, or to learn more about how our Falls Free 4 Life programme can support your community, please contact Saleen Ahmed-Khan on saleen.ahmedkhan@solutions4health.co.uk

Client Testimonial

“Since coming to the FallsFree4Life classes I’m more confident when I go out. It has helped me with my balance and tripping. It has also helped me leave the house and met many friends. The instructors are excellent, very friendly and helpful.”

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