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Integrated Health System (IHS)

IHS brings our integrated service data together easily and securely

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Our System

Our integrated health system gives wellness coaches the ability to comprehensively assess an individual’s lifestyle and give an overview of their health. Our system is designed for use over the phone and in the community, with visual features and prompts that encourage an in depth two-way conversation about the individual’s health and their lifestyle goals. The system also generates onwards referrals at the touch of a button to other health agencies.

Our integrated system features;

  • Two- tiered unique log in for each user, together with roll-based access levels.
  • Securely hosted and fully encrypted to the latest and highest standards.
  • Qrisk2 tool is fully integrated to the client journey
  • An NHS Health Checks pathway.
  • NHS Health Check reports at the client level with read codes that can be sent via email to GP practices.
  • A suite of reports.
  • Administrative panel for local configuration.
  • Readiness to change assessment.
  • An onwards referral engine that can be configured for the local service landscape.
  • Ability to message clients directly via text message or email.

If you are interested in our integrated system please contact us here.

User Testimonial

“Using the Integrated Health System I am able to report quickly and easily on multiple health outcomes” 

Wellness Coach, Solutions 4 Health


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