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MySelfCare is a lifestyle support tool that allows you to manage your or your loved one’s long term condition more effectively. Currently supporting Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Weight and COPD, MySelfCare harnesses the essence of self-care to empower people to live more independently and educate them to manage their condition more effectively.

Patients have the ability to immediately notify their loved ones, GP or Pharmacist as soon as they take a reading. Then, they are able to view their historical readings on the app and on the website. The patient is able to print these results of and show them to their GP in their next consultation resulting in the doctor being well informed about the patient’s condition leading to better treatment.

Educational videos are also posted by our in-house team of experts in topics ranging from Hypertension, Healthy Eating, Alcohol Intake, Smoking Cessation and Stress Management. These videos are specially designed to assist people in ensuring that all factors in their life contributing to their health and wellbeing are effectively managed.

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“MySelfCare helps me keep my diabetes under control by making me more aware of what I eat and how that affects my readings by taking them daily”

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