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Quit with Bella Participant Trial

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Please ensure you have read and fully understood the Participant Information Sheet. To register for the trial, please complete the consent form and a member of the team will be in contact with you shortly

Quit With Bella – More Information

Solutions 4 Health, the UK’s leading provider of smoking cessation services, are working in partnership with Durham County Council and Liverpool City Council through the local Smokefreelife Programmes to evaluate the effectiveness of the Quit with Bella app.

Quit with Bella is the world’s first artificial intelligence powered stop smoking coach, using knowledge from hundreds of experts to provide a personal, friendly and expert service.

The study will take place over 4 weeks and you will be provided with support to stop smoking through your chosen route of face to face support, Quit with Bella app support or a combination of both.

Your smoking status will be collected at the end of week 4 and further support through Smokefreelife County Durham or Smokefree Liverpool will be available where appropriate.

Each participant will be entered into a prize draw at the end of the trial regardless of your smoking status at the end of the trial.

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Or to find out more about the study please Email Us or call 0800 772 0217


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