UK National Smoking Cessation Conference - Solutions 4 Health

UK National Smoking Cessation Conference

Presentation 1 TitleSmokeless tobacco & shisha – feedback from focus groups

This presentation will highlight the scale of the problem of smokeless tobacco and shisha use amongst certain ethnic groups and will give an insight to how to access these groups, provide treatment using traditional NRT, break down cultural barriers and how, when and where to set up clinics to get maximum throughput.

In addition, the paper will present findings from a number of focus groups that took place in Birmingham, Cardiff, Leicester and Slough. The focus groups looked at users awareness of product content, products used, symptoms of addiction, attempts to stop, cultural acceptance, age commenced, general use by the family, their views on the health impacts and ethnicity and gender breakdown.

Presentation 2 TitlePayment by results – West Midlands: A Providers Perspective

Payment by Results (PbR) was first introduced in 2003 and is a payment per patient outcomes method that replaces other funding methods such as block contracts. PbR gives greater transparency in NHS funding, as organisations are reimbursed based upon the care people receive and aims to improve the quality of services provided and broaden client choice.

Since April 2010, a tariff for the provision of stop smoking interventions has been piloted in the West Midlands to test the feasibility of this approach. Solutions 4 Health is an external provider and has been delivering PbR projects nationally for a number of years, including the West Midlands project.

The purpose of this presentation is to share the experience of delivering under a PbR, particularly the opportunities for increased innovation, greater client choice and an increased in focus on targeted population – resulting in reducing health inequalities. The presentations will also discuss some of the initial teething problems, particularly around data collection, invoice/payment cycles and NRT voucher schemes.


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