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UK National Smoking Cessation Conference (UKNSCC)

Presentation 1 TitleOral tobacco use and increase in prevalence of shisha – a practical workshop

This presentation will highlight the scale of the problem of tobacco chewing amongst certain ethnic groups and will give an insight to how to access these groups, provide treatment using traditional NRT, break down cultural barriers and how, when and where to set up clinics to get maximum throughput. The audience will also have the opportunity to examine several tobacco chewing products that are typically used and consumed in the UK.

In addition, the paper will present findings from an ongoing prevalence survey of tobacco chewing among the ethnic population in Reading, Slough, Leicester and Brent. This survey looked at users awareness of product content, products used, symptoms of addiction, attempts to stop, cultural acceptance, age commenced, general use by the family, their views on the health impacts and ethnicity and gender breakdown.

The presentation will also outline the rising prevalence of shisha use amongst the youth, with views and opinions from users and non users of these products.

Presentation 2 TitleAttracting and treating ‘routine and manual’ smokers

The purpose of this presentation is to present key findings and share experiences from delivering a number of smoking cessation projects specifically focused on targeting and attracting routine and manual smokers. Specifically, the paper will outline initiatives to increase service uptake, through a combination of different strategies, with an objective of ‘taking the clinic to the patient’. These outreach techniques have included ‘Mobile Clinics’, ‘Door to Door clinics’ and highly flexible clinics providing a service in the evenings, weekends and even to those workers on night shifts. Further, this group has a higher incidence of heart disease, stroke and diabetes – this paper will further expand on how smokers are being screened for these risk factors as part of their six week smoking cessation programme.


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