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Helping to prevent diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and dementia

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We provide NHS Health Checks as part of our Integrated Health Services, a health check-up for adults aged 40-74 years. This is designed to spot early warning signs of stroke, kidney disease, heart disease type 2 diabetes or dementia.

The service identifies an individuals risk of developing one of these conditions and provides information on ways they can lower these risks. Our services provide information and support for people to make better lifestyle choices and take control of their health.


Health Checks are available to 40-74 years olds without a pre-existing condition in West Berkshire and Slough and can be carried out once every 5 years. The Health Check is delivered by a trained staff member and is available in multiple local community settings. The teams works closely with GPs and other health professionals in the local area.

Councillor Madhuri Bedi

“A fantastic free service. I truly was so impressed and would urge Slough residents to contact the team to find out where you can go to have your free check.”


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