Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Conference 2020: proactive, predictive, personalised

Solutions 4 Health were pleased to attend Public Health England’s Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Conference 2020: proactive, predictive, personalised on the 6th February 2020.

The conference aimed to provide an inspiring case to improve the impact from CVD prevention interventions across England, by:

  • hearing from leaders in the public health and NHS system as well as motivational speakers
  • sharing new research and evidence on impact, making a compelling case for CVD prevention and its broader impact on non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention
  • disseminating evidenced and innovative practice, with support on how to replicate
  • a focus on reducing health inequality
  • sharing lived experience from people at risk of, or living with, CVD
  • providing training for public health and NHS professionals with practical “how to” tips and techniques
  • providing opportunities to network within and between stakeholder groups
  • facilitating problem solving on ‘wicked’ issues, such as funding and resourcing
  • connecting commissioners and providers with private and public sector organisations

For more information on the agenda of the day, click here.


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