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Integrated Lifestyles

Delivering a completely integrated public health service across local communities

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Our Service

As the leading provider of lifestyle services in England we bring together a single point of access for residents with a variety of specialist support pathways. We work in partnership to provide a diverse and high-quality solution with a simple, access point for local people. We reach all parts of the community and tailor our offering to meet local need using a tiered approach to support across the web, over the phone and face to face.

Our responsive digital support solution provides a mass engagement tool featuring an interactive lifestyle quiz, recommended apps, the latest health information and more to keep users engaged in making changes to their lifestyle.

Wellbeing coaches are trained to provide lifestyle support across a wide range of issues over the phone, web or face to face. We make use of our ‘Wellness on Wheels’ vehicles to get out to the communities that we serve.

As an organisation, we provide high quality information back to our commissioners and love to tell the user stories behind the lifestyle changes too.

For more information about our Integrated Health Services, please contact us here.

Client Testimonial

“The service gave me great support to lose weight and get fitter. I no longer have to use a walking stick and feel more confident for the future. I would recommend this service to everybody!”

Ray – Healthy Peterborough


ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 registered firm. Compliance assessed with SS2Q. NCSCT Approved Provider. Cardio Wellness. Smokefree Action. Joscar.