New Online Digital Platform on the way to Bracknell Forest. - Solutions 4 Health

New Online Digital Platform on the way to Bracknell Forest.

18 May 2016

S4H - Easychange - LORes

Easychange is a new online digital platform from Solutions 4 Health designed to make it much easier to live healthier and avoid illness. An evidence-based system. It takes you through a quick check of the key habits that directly affect your health, such as stress, mood, nutrition, physical activity, alcohol and smoking. The test is structured as a dialogue with yourself, helping you to become aware of your health habits. This also makes it easier to see where you need to improve. Finally, you are recommended a specific Easychange programme that will help you.

Following a successful pilot scheme in North Lincolnshire, Easychange will soon be rolled out in Bracknell Forest as part of the local authority’s ‘Year of Self Care’ campaign promoting improved health outcomes. Free-to-use, Easychange will allow the people of Bracknell Forest an even greater opportunity to see how health outcomes can be improved through self-care.

Very much in the style of Solutions 4 Health’s approach of taking healthcare into communities, once the platform is launched, we’ll be putting on a series of Roadshows in various areas across the borough to inform people of the platform and the various elements of it targeting issues such as smoking, stress, and healthy eating. We’ll also discuss with them how the platform can be accessed, and alleviate any potential concerns for anyone who may not be used to working through online projects.

As part of the programme, we’ll be promoting the platform to a number of large organisations in the area focusing on the importance of maintaining a healthy workforce, and how this can also help the local communities as a whole.

Keep a look out for further information about the launch and associated activities over the coming weeks.

For further details, contact: Mark Jordan – Public Health Project Support Officer 01183 341861 or  07824123135



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