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Online Self-Care service announced for people with HIV and other long-term conditions

1 July 2012

The online expert-supported self-management service was presented at the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington DC, in July, by Solutions 4 Health, a leading provider of healthcare and telehealth/mHealth solutions.

At the Conference, healthcare workers were provided with an understanding of online communities, and the use of mhealth and new technologies as a tool. A dedicated session saw speakers working with new information technologies, social media, mobile health and online communities for HIV treatment, care and prevention.

MySelfCare® is a web-based telehealth self-care service for people with health conditions that require daily monitoring. Wireless monitoring devices capture the user’s vital signs and alert healthcare professionals to out-of-limits readings, so that additional action can be taken, ensuring the patient’s condition doesn’t deteriorate further.

Healthcare professionals have secure online access to records, and patients can monitor their own readings online and book video chat appointments with their doctor or nurse for further advice and behavioural support.

“People are now more connected, and need this service at their fingertips.” Said Solutions 4 Health’s Leena Sankla, MFPH, FRSPH, Public Health Consultant.

“MySelfCare® is all about bringing the expert to the patient.” She added. “The service provides secure, confidential counselling support via online video chat, instant messaging and SMS.”

Other specific services, for sufferers with chronic conditions such as asthma, will shortly be brought online by Solutions 4 Health.

Download the PDF version of the press release here


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