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Smokefree Summer!

24 May 2016


We’re delighted to be supporting the 2016 ‘Smokefree Summer’ campaign in both Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

The campaign is designed to focus on encouraging adults not to light up in front of children.

A wide range of partners are working together across the city and county to create smokefree zones at summer events, especially where children and young people are present.

With the summer months encouraging more people enjoy the improved weather and various outdoor, it offers a great opportunity to promote the smokefree message.

The campaign has a number of objectives.

  • Provide positive smokefree role models for children and young people.
  • Reduce children’s exposure to smoking, so it’s not seen as a ‘normal’ activity.
  • Increase the number of designated outdoor smokefree areas across Nottinghamshire to de-normalise smoking for adults
  • Reduce the environmental and financial impact of littering of cigarette butts and packets. To empower parents and carers to speak up and be more vocal about not wanting their children to be around smoking

Last year, the ‘beach’ created in Nottingham market square was smokefree, as are many children’s play areas. The local authority had great public support for the campaign last year and are planning even more family events for this year’s campaign.

Look out for the Smokefree Summer logo at events you attend in Nottinghamshire this summer!


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