Smokefreelife North Lincolnshire are hosting an open evening to help smokers quit across the Isle of Axholme - Solutions 4 Health

Smokefreelife North Lincolnshire are hosting an open evening to help smokers quit across the Isle of Axholme

6 February 2015

The local stop smoking service for North Lincolnshire will have an open evening at the Imperial Hall in Epworth to show locals just how easy it is to quit smoking.

Smokefreelife North Lincolnshire will be raising awareness of the free stop smoking support available to local smokers at the Imperial Hall, Chapel Street in Epworth on Monday 9 February from 4-6pm. Specialist stop smoking advisors will be on hand to offer free advice, carbon monoxide tests and will be signing people up at their nearest clinics across the region.

The event is open to anyone who wants to find out more about stopping smoking from friendly advisors, either for themselves, friends or relatives and there will be free refreshments. Smokefreelife North Lincolnshire offer tailored support over a 12 week period along with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) for 8 weeks, all free of charge.

The service aims to help reduce smoking prevalence across North Lincolnshire by reaching out to all smokers across the county with a three tier approach to quitting.  Tier 1 offers free, face to face support at local clinics in a range of community settings. This includes the “wellness on wheels” mobile unit that takes support and advice directly to local communities and into workplaces, especially to smokers in hardly reached areas. Tier 2 is a free Quitline support, offering telephone contact, text and email to those who are unable to access face-to-face support.  The Tier 3 service is an interactive online service, allowing the user to “drop in” online as and when they need the support.

Leena Sankla, Director of Public Health and Lifestyle Services, Solutions 4 Health said: “Smoking prevalence in North Lincolnshire is currently 23% amongst adults. This equates to over 30,000 smokers in North Lincolnshire and around 300 of smokers amongst them are pregnant women. With professional support you are 4 times more likely to quit smoking so I would strongly encourage anyone who is thinking about stopping smoking to come along to our pod at the Imperial Hall on Monday.”

Smokefreelife North Lincolnshire also offer tailored support for pregnant women and their partners. People who live locally will benefit from weekly support at the Imperial Hall every Monday at 5pm.

For free support to quit smoking contact a stop smoking advisor on 01724 642 014 or text QUIT to 66777. For the locations of your nearest clinics visit



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