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Client Feedback – St Helens Domestic Abuse Wellbeing Service

15 March 2022

St Helens Domestic Abuse Wellbeing Service works provides support and advice to any medium and high risk victims of domestic abuse, including access to refuge accommodation, support to increase clients’ safety, emotional support and referral to counselling or mental health services amongst others.

Recently 2 service users fed back their experience of using the service, outlining the lasting and powerful impact on their and their families lives

Although there are some things I still dwell on for the future, which is out of my control for now and the group helps me overcome my anxiety for it. This has significantly benefited my mental health!”

“The activities set helps me to acknowledge and remember positive and sometimes negative things that I hadn’t yet realised or that I need to realise more of! And the group discussions as everyone feels safe to talk about anything we’re struggling with, and we all listen and offer sympathy and empathy and I always leave the session feeling 10 times better than I started.”

“We all share and contribute to the group, and we all acknowledge what was said and discuss further between us that we had mentioned. Very accepting!”

“Knowing that you have this group every week is a massive comfort blanket. At the end of each session, I feel so positive and empowered. All women supporting each other is exactly what I need”

“The course has definitely changed my outlook. I can now focus on myself more. Give myself time and attention and the self-love I need”

“This group is an absolute god send. I honestly do not think I would have made any recovery of it was not for the support of this group”

“The group leader is mindful and explains what you have said and what you did well”

To learn more about our Domestic Abuse Wellbeing Services, contact Samantha O’Loughlin, Regional Health Improvement Manager at samantha.o’

Client Feedback – St Helens Domestic Abuse Wellbeing Service


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