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Smokefree and feeling good thanks to Smokefree Hampshire!

29 January 2020

Phil from Hook decided to give up smoking and has been seeing Ruth – one of Smokefree Hampshire’s expert advisors – for regular support.

“I’m now 7 weeks smoke-free and it’s brilliant. I feel good – no wheeze when I get up in the morning and I’ve got more energy!

“When I first started [quitting] I felt a bit like I was in a bad mood more than usual. But it soon gets better. I took Champix, which really worked for me. Ruth gave me guidance but one day my cravings just went away so I was able to stop smoking completely. You have to listen to your body.”

Varenicline (known as Champix) is a prescription medication, which your Smokefree Hampshire advisor can request via your GP. It is not suitable if you have some pre-existing health conditions, but your advisor will be able to discuss this with you.

“I used to have to stop at the counter in the supermarket to get my cigarettes every week. Now I just walk past the queue and think ‘another £10 saved!’.

“The support you get from Smokefree Hampshire is helpful. It gave me a lifeline. Plus it’s flexible – I wasn’t always able to see someone face to face so they arranged a phone consultation for a few weeks instead. It fits in with my lifestyle.”

Congratulations to Phil for your fantastic achievement!

You can learn more about the Smokefree Hampshire service, as well as our other Smokefreelife services here.

Smokefree and feeling good thanks to Smokefree Hampshire!


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