Bella features in Microsoft's Blogger Series - Solutions 4 Health

Bella features in Microsoft’s Blogger Series

31 May 2019

Our Quit with Bella App has recently appeared in Microsoft’s blogger series, discussing how Bella is delivering social change through our AI-powered chatbot.

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78,000 people in the UK die from smoking every year. Many more live with debilitating smoking-related illnesses. And it costs the NHS £3.6 billion to treat these smoking-related illnesses each year. For a service under strain, using AI technology to prevent these diseases will help not only the people, but will also reduce strain on our healthcare system.

A recent update to Bella sees a new community feature where clients can interact with each other, motivate and encourage as well as celebrating each others successes. This community feature has resulted in more user engagement, a higher quitting ratio, and populations becoming healthier on a large scale. And the reaction to Bella has been great, with usage continuing to grow. And with 20 percent quit rates, Bella will have an ongoing positive affect on the NHS, as well as helping us to become a healthier, more robust population.

For more information on our Quit With Bella app, the world’s first AI powered stop smoking coach, click here.

Bella features in Microsoft’s Blogger Series


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