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Potential life-saving opportunity for Medway’s 40 to 74-year-olds

13 August 2013
  • NHS Health Checks – a key strategy to increase life expectancy and reduce
    health inequalities
  • Backing Government drive to save 650 lives a year

Free NHS Health Checks for Medway residents are aiming to reduce heart and kidney disease, stroke and diabetes – and supporting the government’s aim to save 650 lives per year.

Run by healthcare innovators Solutions 4 Health on behalf of Medway Council, the NHS Health Checks service tackles common health issues by actively working in the community at shopping centres, leisure centres, libraries, community hubs, housing estates, and supermarkets in key target areas across Medway.

Solutions 4 Health is providing a targeted community service which enhances the services currently delivered by general practitioners, and is especially targeting “hard to reach” parts of the community.

PHOTOCALL: The Medway Community NHS Health Check Programme will be launched at 12.30pm on Wednesday, 14 August at White Road Community Centre, Keyes Avenue, Chatham, Kent, ME4 5UN where the NHS Health Checks Medway mobile van will be in the car park. Attendees will include Cllr Vince Maple, Solutions 4 Health CEO Kishore Sankla, and Kerri-Anne Collins, Project Manager and Primary Care Lead
for Medway Council.

Eligible Medway residents will be able to have an NHS Health Check at one of the
Solutions 4 Health mobile clinics across Medway. Fixed clinics are available every
week at the following locations: Chatham Library, WRVS Chatham High Street, Park
Health Club, Medway Valley Park, Luton Library and Hoo BAE Club.

Free for local residents, the service is targeted at adults aged 40 to 74 who haven’t
already been diagnosed with any of those four diseases.

Leena Sankla, Solutions 4 Health’s Projects Director said: “The NHS Health Check programme
offers a real opportunity to reduce avoidable deaths and disability, and tackle
health inequalities in Medway.”

Medway’s Health Checks integrate with Public Health England’s 10-point plan, which
guides the NHS in rolling out the Health Check programme to 20 per cent of the eligible
population – 15 million people – by 2018/19.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said recently: “I’d like to see all 40 to 74-year-olds
taking up this potentially life-saving opportunity. We are an ageing population
and thinking about our health early is vital to living a long and prosperous life.
More than 650 lives a year could be saved if simple NHS Health Checks were offered
and taken up throughout the country.”

The check takes approx 30 minutes and is based on straightforward questions and
measurements such as age, sex, family history, height, weight and blood pressure.
There will also be a simple blood test to measure cholesterol and maybe blood sugar
levels. Following the check, free personalised advice is offered about what to do
to stay healthy.

More details about where and how to access both the fixed or mobile unit can be
found at http://www.myhealthcheckmedway.co.uk

As well as offering advice on maintaining good health and lifestyle, direct referrals
can be suggested into many local lifestyle services, including:

  • Medway Stop Smoking service
  • Medway Alcohol Service
  • Medway Weight management service
  • Medway Exercise Referral service

Further locations will be added shortly; for more information on these locations
or to book into one of these clinics call Freephone: 0800 061 2999 or email info@myhealthcheckmedway.co.uk.

“Everyone is at some risk of developing heart and kidney disease, stroke or diabetes.
But by identifying that risk early and taking steps to reduce it, you can improve
your chance of maintaining or improving your health as you get older.” said Solutions 4 Health’s
Projects Director, Leena Sankla. “Over 60% of today’s most common diseases are linked
to the way we live our lives. It is important to understand the consequences of
our actions on our bodies, as many of these diseases are preventable.

“Some risks, like age and gender, can’t be changed. But there’s a lot you can do
to reduce your risk, like maintaining a healthy weight, keeping physically active,
eating a healthy and balanced diet, and not smoking.”

Said Kerri-Anne Collins, Project Manager and Primary Care Lead for Medway Council.
“Supporting people in developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles are important
priorities for the NHS and local authorities with their increasing responsibility
to encourage healthy communities and make better use of NHS resources.

“I’m confident this partnership with Solutions 4 Health will help make a significant
improvement to community health in Medway.”

Solutions 4 Health has also recently entered into agreements to provide Heath Checks
and Community Outreach services in Wandsworth, Worcestershire and Camden.


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