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Southampton: Embedding stop smoking expertise across services

9 February 2024

The city of Southampton, and our Southampton Smokefree Solutions service, has been hailed for its innovative approach to combating smoking through the embedding of stop smoking expertise across various public services. A recent report by the Local Government Association (LGA) highlights the city’s success in integrating smoking cessation strategies into a multitude of services, showcasing promising results and setting an example for other communities

The report, available here, delves into the unique methodology used in the region, emphasising a holistic and community-driven approach to address smoking-related issues. Southampton Smokefree Solutions, in collaboration with health professionals and local organisations, has effectively integrated stop smoking initiatives into public services ranging from healthcare to social services

Southampton Smokefree Solution Service Manager Chris McMahon said: “You have to build a relationship first, before you can engage people in treatment. That is why working with a service they trust and already use is essential alongside making it as easy as possible for them to access support.”

The whole approach certainly seems to be working. NHS Digital figures for 2022-23 show more than 6,000 smokers per 100,000 set a quit date in Southampton through stop smoking services – more than double the national rate, while the self-reported quit rate in Southampton was more than 50 per cent higher than England’s too.

Learn more about our stop smoking services across the UK, here.

Southampton: Embedding stop smoking expertise across services


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