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Interpreters Live launches at Solutions 4 Health!

22 May 2020

We are delighted to enable British Sign Language users to contact us, using a sign language interpreter, through the InterpretersLive! service, provided by Sign Solutions.

Sign Solutions is a language and learning company, specialising in interpretation support for Deaf people throughout the UK. InterpretersLive is a superb innovation in video interpreting, offering more effective communication for our Solutions 4 Health teams.


  • Spontaneous access to communication, with the InterpretersLive! service provided by Sign Solutions
  • Instant access to a Sign Language interpreter, through the Interpreters Live video link
  • Give new Deaf customers access to our services
  • Save on travel costs and reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing Interpreters from one remote location
  • Access an interpreter from anywhere in the UK, through a PC or using the Interpreters Live smart phone and tablet app

Leena Sankla, Director of Public Health & Lifestyle Services at Solutions 4 Health said: “Understanding and acknowledging your patient’s communication methods is vital. Fail to communicate appropriately and effectively and you could risk misdiagnosing your patient or, even worse, prescribing the wrong medication. There are various means of communication that can be used depending on your patient’s needs and preferences, from BSL and Sign Supported English (SSE) to using the deafblind manual alphabet or lip-reading. That said, you must be aware of the challenges lip-reading presents (studies show only 30 to 45 percent of the English language can be understood through lip reading alone[1]), and you should never presume a patient will be able to lipread because he/she is Deaf or hearing impaired. We are excited to be able to offer the InterpretersLive service to our UK wide lifestyle and clinical services.”

Saleen Ahmed-Khan, Head of Integrated Lifestyle Services at Solutions 4 Health said: “It is an exciting new development that we are now going to be able to reach out to hard of hearing and deaf communities on a wider scale.”

You can learn more and access the new InterpretersLive service here.

Interpreters Live launches at Solutions 4 Health!


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