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BBC Radio Berkshire Feature

14 November 2018

BBC Radio Berkshire – Our S4H expert gives advice on fussy eaters

Mums Without Makeup is hosted by Anoushka Williams and Vicky Letch on BBC Radio Berkshire. This radio feature is an open forum where the hosts talk about anything and everything to do with being a parent. On the 12th November the talk show focused on fussy eaters, featuring Emma Foord as their expert. Emma is our Public Health Weight Management Service Manager who runs the Let’s Get Going Programme in Berkshire.

On the feature, we heard from Andy whose daughter has struggled with eating a variety of food. He spoke about the steps that he and his wife have taken to support their daughter whilst still making sure she is happy and healthy. Members of the public also raised their concerns on the subject such as how to cook for a family when everyone has a different preference!

Emma chatted with Anoushka and Vicky about her experience in these challenging situations, giving tips on how to get children interested in different food such as taking them food shopping and letting them join in with the cooking. Both of these helps to get children involved in the food that ends up in the table, feeling proud and excited about what they have helped to achieve.

Let’s Get Going is a free 10-week healthy lifestyle programme with the aim to engage, inspire and enable children and their families to make healthy lifestyle choices long term.

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BBC Radio Berkshire Feature


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