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Workplace Rapid Covid-19 Testing

9 February 2021

We are trusted by local councils nationally to deliver Lateral Flow Testing, we can deliver this for your workplace. 

To learn more please contact Wendy Tafi at or on 07773 474399 

To further support our local communities we are pleased to be able to offer workplace and corporate Rapid Covid-19 Testing to workplaces of 50 or more people. As a CQC registered organisation, we can provide workplace or corporate Lateral Flow Testing (LFT). As experienced Lateral Flow Testing providers and partners, we already have in place robust Standard Operating Procedures, a skilled and experienced workforce and appropriate Safeguarding, Clinical and Infection Control protocols in place. Our teams are able to scale, monitor and supervise large scale LFT sites both in the community and in your workplace or corporate setting.

A rapid test (also called a Lateral Flow Test or LFT) detects the presence of Covid-19 by checking a self administered swap from the back of the throat and nose. Around 1 in 3 individuals with COVID-19 do not display symptoms. Offering tests to your staff to catch those showing no symptoms will help to find positive cases earlier and to break hidden chains of transmission.

The tests are easy to use and give results in 30 minutes. Where an individual is displaying symptoms they should isolate immediately and follow national guidelines.

Our workplace Covid-19 testing Testing is assisted: staff will be instructed and guided to swab themselves under the supervision of a trained operator who then processes the test and reads the result. You can learn more about lateral flow tests here.

Where an individual is displaying symptoms they should isolate immediately and contact their local testing facility to arrange a test.

Our community testing sites are currently operating in Slough, Dudley, Sandwell, Worcestershire, West Berkshire Bracknell and at a number of large workplaces.

You can learn more about our community testing here or contact the team or Wendy directly above to discuss your workplace testing requirements.



Workplace Rapid Covid-19 Testing


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