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Quitting in the Workplace

8 November 2018

Our services across Solutions 4 Health deliver interventions in local workplaces aiming to increase the health and wellbeing of staff members, bringing benefits to both the individual and employers.

Smokefreelife County Durham offer a customised programme of support to suit each organisation. They offer assistance to help staff quit smoking by offering awareness presentations, events, referrals and 12 week programmes for larger organisations. Smokers take on average 33% more sick leave than other staff. Smokers are 5 times more likely to quit if they have support and use Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

The team have received positive feedback from workplaces they have supported by helping staff members to improve their health and give up smoking.


“Solutions 4 Health provide an invaluable service in the work place.

It is a beneficial programme provided by them, as they are able to come and visit the workplace it definitely encourages staff to participate. When I originally spoke to staff about stopping smoking they were apprehensive, unsure and not really sure of how they could take part. The focus was about being informed and supported, alongside the consistency of having someone there to keep the spirit of stopping smoking going. As Lynne from Solutions 4 Health has experienced this first hand it was a great transition for staff to know that the person supporting them had been through this already. Speaking to staff who are on the programme, they have chosen there options to stop smoking, even though this is a gradual process and early days for some. They have said how much healthier and energised they feel, which is  good place to be.

I would like to say a big thank you to Lynne and the team and would recommend this service in the workplace.”


“I had thought about quitting for a while, but I always found an excuse not to i.e. too busy to go to the doctors after work, too stressed and all the other excuses we smokers make! When the chance arose to join the group at work I realised this was my chance to actually try and quit. I managed to move from cigarettes to e-cigs, and I’m happy to say that 2 years later I am smoke free! I have more money, more energy and I’m just generally happier and healthier!”

“I really don’t think I could have stopped without the support at work from colleagues and the Smoke Stop Advisor. Thank you!”

“As an employer, we are committed to helping our people maintain their health and wellbeing. We highly recommend the provision of an onsite smoke stop support group to any businesses who are thinking about it”.

Smokefreelife County Durham are happy to work with employers who would like support in their workplace. Please contact info@smokefreelifecountydurham.co.uk to talk about how they can service your requirements.

Download our Workplace Productivity Calendar to work out how much time and money is lost to smoking related time and illnesses.

Quitting in the Workplace


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