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Winning News! New Services coming to S4H!

20 December 2016

S4H is pleased and proud to announce that we have been asked to provide the following new programmes in 2017:


Slough Integrated Cardiac Disease Prevention Service

Slough is a large town in Berkshire, where S4H is already providing a smoking cessation service. This innovative prevention service be responsible for reducing modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease in at least 800 people a year, including reducing blood glucose levels in people with diabetes and helping people to achieve a healthy weight.

The service will be officially launched on January 21st 2017


Peterborough City Council Integrated Healthy Lifestyles Service

Peterborough is a city in the East of England, where people’s health is generally worse than the England average.  This exciting new behaviour change service will integrate smoking cessation, health checks, a health trainer programme, weight management and physical activity services. Solutions4Health will be using innovative digital technology alongside expert health professionals to deliver this fully integrated service to the Peterborough population.

Service delivery starts on April 1st 2017


Sefton Stop Smoking and Tobacco Free Service

Sefton is a Metropolitan Borough of Merseyside, home to some 35,000 smokers (15.9% of its population). S4H will be focusing its work on some specific groups across the Borough, including pregnant women, people living in areas of deprivation and people with a mental health condition.

Service delivery starts on April 1st 2017



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