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Smokefree Hampshire – No Smoking and Wellbeing Event

29 May 2024

On the 27th of April, the Hayling Island Community Centre was bustling with activity as the island embraced a smoke-free initiative. The event aimed to unite the community, including pubs, restaurants, and local retailers, to support the Smokefree Hampshire service. Our aim was to encourage a smoke-free lifestyle and provide support to those looking to quit smoking or reduce vaping. The event drew a diverse crowd across the island, reflecting widespread community engagement. The day was filled with engaging activities and opportunities for adults and children.

Music and exercise classes set the energetic tone, while Seacourt provided touch tennis demonstrations and membership information. Health and wellbeing stalls offered holistic and massage therapies, reinforcing the event’s focus on overall wellness. Children enjoyed face painting and treats from an ice cream van, adding a festive atmosphere. Interactive events such as exercise classes and touch tennis kept participants engaged, along with the chance to try paddle boarding under expert guidance. The event proved highly successful on multiple fronts.

Over £400 was raised for WAVE, a local charity supporting children on the island, through a raffle generously supported by the community. Additionally, six individuals signed up for Smokefree Hampshire services, highlighting the event’s effectiveness in promoting smoking cessation support. The event also fostered valuable connections within the community, leading to invitations to participate in future island events.

Smokeree Hampshire was thrilled with the turnout on the day and the amount raised to support WAVE, emphasising the newfound visibility and involvement within the community.

The No Smoking and Wellbeing event on Hayling Island showcased the power of community collaboration in promoting health and well-being. With its diverse array of activities and strong community support, the event left a lasting impact, emphasising the importance of smoke-free living and the availability of support services for those seeking to quit smoking. This success paves the way for future initiatives and collaborations, instilling hope, and optimism in the community.

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Smokefree Hampshire – No Smoking and Wellbeing Event


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