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Smokefreelife Croydon takes to the High Street to raise awareness of National No Smoking Day

12 March 2014

Smokefreelife Croydon will take to the High Street to promote No Smoking Day and the benefits that come with giving up smoking…

Smokefreelife Croydon’s Stop-Smoking Advisors will be partnering with workers from the London Fire and Rescue Service on the High Street to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking for No Smoking Day which will take place on Wednesday 12th March.

The fire & rescue engine will be parked outside Centrale Shopping Centre from 12-2pm where workers will highlight the fire hazards in the borough which are caused by smoking. They will be joined by advisors from the Smokefreelife Croydon team who will be offering support and advice to passers-by who want to quit.

In London smoking related fires are the second most common cause of fires in the home. Fires started by smoking materials result in more deaths than any other causes of fires and this is mainly because people fail to extinguish cigarettes properly or fall asleep whilst smoking. The fire and rescue service and Smokefreelife Croydon will work in collaboration on No Smoking Day to get these facts across to people to achieve the shared goal which is to encourage people to quit.

No Smoking Day is a National Campaign run annually by the British Heart Foundation and every year over a million people take on the challenge to quit on this day. This is the perfect time to consider thinking about giving up as No Smoking Day offers a sense solidarity and a supportive environment for people to quit.

As well offering their regular stop smoking clinics at Whitgift Shopping Centre, the Home Office and New Addington Market, Smokefreelife Croydon will be holding a drop-in clinic at the Council’s headquarters in Bernard Weatherill House especially for No Smoking Day to offer advice to people hoping to give up the habit. Smokefreelife Croydon’s mobile clinic will also be active in the high street with advisors providing advice and support for people wanting to give up smoking.

Smokefreelife Croydon offer FREE stop-smoking clinics in workplaces, places of worship and other locations. For more information visit or call 0800 634 9139 to find your closest clinic.


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