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HTN Webinar – How to build a great digital team!

29 January 2024

CEO Kishore Sankla and Clinical Director Michelle Cole were delighted to have taken part in a recent panel discussion with Health Tech News – How to build a great digital team.

Industry leaders from diverse backgrounds came together to explore the intricacies of building exceptional digital teams. The discussion brought forth valuable insights from professionals in the healthcare and technology sectors, shedding light on key aspects such as fostering innovation, developing skills, effective digital leadership, and the challenges associated with building robust digital teams.

The esteemed panel comprised Tom Mann, Digital Transformation Lead at Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust; Penny Kehagiouglou, Chief Clinical Information Officer and Deputy Chief Medical Officer at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust; Andrew Carter, Assistant Director of Digital, Data, and Technology at Bury Council, also serving as IT Locality Lead for Bury in Greater Manchester ICB; as well as Michelle and Kishore from Solutions 4 Health.

Our panellists discussed a range of areas around building digital teams, including driving a culture of innovation, skills and capabilities, what works, digital leadership, challenges, and more.

“It’s about bringing people from different backgrounds and from different disciplines together”

A link to view the webinar can be found here

HTN Webinar – How to build a great digital team!


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