Online weight management programme launched! - Solutions 4 Health

Online weight management programme launched!

8 November 2018

New, free online weight management service launches across Wiltshire, Dudley and Peterborough!

ShapeUp4Life online ( is an innovative new online weight management service bought to you by Solutions 4 Health. Accessible anytime, anywhere this online programme builds upon the team’s extensive knowledge and successes from years of delivering face to face weight management programmes at the heart of the community.

Accessible via smart phone, tablet or laptop the easy to use site will help you to make changes to your lifestyle and activity levels to lose weight and keep it off.

Users benefit from:

  • Weekly sessions with expertly qualified nutritionists, dietitian and personal trainers
  • Unlimited access to the ShapeUp4Life recipes, snack ideas and meal mixers to support a healthy balanced diet
  • Weekly emails full of recipes, tips and treats
  • Weekly home exercise sessions & expert written blog
  • Food, activity and goal diaries
  • Support from your personal wellness coach

This new online programme forms part of the ShapeUp4Life service. The team of professionals run 12-week weight management courses in the community supporting you to lose weight and keep it off in the long term. Our fully qualified experts provide nutrition and exercise support which is suitable for a range of people. Regardless of your health conditions, dietary needs or background, ShapeUp4Life will work for you!

Emma Foord, Public Health Weight Management Services Manager, ShapeUp4life said: “ShapeUp4Life online is different to other things you’ve tried before. It isn’t a diet, a fad or a quick fix. It’s a lifestyle change. It’s eating a healthy balanced diet full of all of the nutrients that your body needs, enjoying healthy snacks and eating out in a new way. At the same time as being more active and loving what you do! “

Leena Sankla, Director of Public Health & Lifestyle Services added, “We wanted to be able to provide a service that is 24/7, so it’s now accessible online, providing weight loss and behaviour change support to the community, removing traditional barriers of face to face services whilst maintaining a high quality and success.”

For free support to lose weight visit and start the journey to a healthier you today!

Online weight management programme launched!


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