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Transforming health and wellbeing through AI – Health Tech News

20 August 2021

Our team were delighted to be featured in Heath Tech News this week, outlining our amazing Wellbeing Suite of AI powered apps, designed to deliver health and wellbeing interventions to people where they are, and these days that is on their phone.

Building on our track record of delivering over 20 services in 20 local authority regions – from weight management and smoking cessation through to support with sexual health and domestic violence, and more recently the COVID-19 vaccination – our teams are engaging significantly more than the 100,000 people it reaches in person each year through its sector-leading use of technology. 

Through the creation of its wellbeing suite of digital health apps, our team has devised the means to use innovative and evidence-based AI to provide wellbeing at scale, being judged against measurable outcomes. 

Joining our existing Quit with Bella and Ask Teddi Apps. the next five apps – Camp Island, which promotes wellbeing for five to 10-year-olds; Beam, to encourage 11 to 17-year olds to make positive lifestyle choices; ShapeUp4Life to promote healthy choices; MySelfCare, which revolves around short story content; and Happi, an AI-powered wellbeing guide – are all set to deliver similar impact, particularly post-pandemic when the use of smartphones to deliver health and wellbeing interventions became commonplace.

You can read the full article here or learn more about our AI powered apps here.

Transforming health and wellbeing through AI – Health Tech News


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