Stoptober 2020 is here! - Solutions 4 Health

Stoptober 2020 is here!

7 October 2020

We were pleased to have partnered with the National Health Executive to deliver information and guidance for those wishing to quit smoking for good during Stoptober 2020. The article covers the risk factors for smokers during the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges in supporting smokers to quit during this time.

While Covid-19 brings challenges for stop smoking services, online support and an AI-powered robo-coach mean there’s never been a better time to help people kick the habit. 
Solutions 4 Health are the UK’s largest provider of stop smoking services, with almost 20 years of experience supporting smokers to become quitters. When Covid-19 began to spread around the globe, they upscaled their remote services to meet the surge in demand. Their online face chat, phone and text services and ground-breaking artificial intelligence (AI) app, Quit with Bella, are now supporting more people than ever through their quit attempts, providing timely and cost-effective solutions to the challenges faced by quitters and service providers.

You can read the full article here, and learn more about our Quit with Bella app here.

Stoptober 2020 is here!


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