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stoptoberLgIn 2013 S4H were an active member in the promotion of the national Stoptober campaign. As a private organisation we are able to effectively marry business with the delivery of health care. Therefore, we are able to reinvest funds into more unique opportunities to support the local community.

For example, in Berkshire, we were able to enhance the Stoptober Campaign in partnership with the local authority by organising 5 local events with advertising, a BBC compere, Bhangra dancers, bands and supporting promotional materials. You can view the video at

We worked alongside key partners and engaged with local businesses such as Public Houses to help reach smokers during this campaign. One of which hosted an awareness event and advertised on their facebook page reaching out to over 250 people.

Finally, we produced a newsletter for each region in the county which was distributed to GP’s, pharmacists, public health leads and others to highlight the success and outcomes of the community based events.

Supporting materials

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