Ask Teddi evaluation with Swansea University and the University of Essex

15 June 2022

There is increasing recognition that the period from birth to five years old is a critical time in the development of health and wellbeing throughout childhood, adolescence and into adulthood. We are therefore pleased to report on our recent Ask Teddi app evaluation by Swansea University and the University of Essex.

“Overall, the Ask Teddi app is seen as a valuable, accessible and useful support for new parents and the professionals who support them. It is accessible and easy to use and offers an additional layer of localised support and information. In relation to the core areas evaluated, the app has helped to increase knowledge, confidence and positive behaviours relating to infant feeding, healthy diet, oral health and active play.”

The 2 Universities carried out an independent evaluation of our Ask Teddi app, combining a survey for all users (led by Swansea University) and focus groups/interviews with health visitors, children’s centre staff and parents who had used the app (led by the University of Essex).

Available across a number of communities across the UK, the evaluation focussed on the impact in the Thurrock borough. Cllr Deb Huelin, Cabinet Member for Health at Thurrock Council, said: “Ask Teddi provides information on: infant feeding, healthy eating including weaning and fussy eating, oral health, sleep, play and socialisation, exercise and active families as well as parental mental health and wellbeing.

“Ask Teddi has been even more valuable during the pandemic, especially for those waiting to access professional support or advice, and where the majority of health appointments were happening virtually.”

Cllr Barry Johnson, Cabinet Member for Children’ Services at Thurrock Council, added: “This free app is a great resource and I encourage families with young children in the borough to download and use the toolkits and support available.

“The research showed that the app is seen as a valuable, accessible and useful support tool, with local support and information for new parents and the professionals who support them.”

Our Ask Teddi App offers advice and information for parents and carers of children under 5. Using artificial intelligence to tailor information to individual need, the app offers parents and carers a responsive toolkit of expert and evidence-based advice as well as giving them access to reliable resources and information around the clock.

Ask Teddi provides information on:

• Infant feeding (breast, formula, and mixed feeding).
• Healthy eating including starting solids and fussy eating.
• Oral health.
• Sleep.
• Play and socialisation/being with others.
• Exercise and active families.
• Parental mental health and wellbeing.

“The app is a great resource, and I will continue to promote this to my families with young children.”

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Ask Teddi evaluation with Swansea University and the University of Essex


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