Smokefreelife Berkshire are Reading Retail Award winners

18 September 2017

Smokefreelife Berkshire won the Reading Retail Award for the Health, Wellbeing and Beauty category!

We are proud to announce that our Smokefreelife Berkshire service were awarded the Reading Retail Award on Saturday 16th September, in the category of Health, Wellbeing and Beauty!

The team attended the eighth annual award ceremony at the weekend which celebrated the outstanding achievements of local businesses with a black-tie ceremony. The awards are impartial, independent and objective and the judges based their decision on a number of criteria, including user feedback on the service.

Iwona Jaremko, Assistant Health Improvement Manager said: “It means a lot to be voted by the public to win and it shows that our work and commitment does mean a lot to people whose lives we change.  Well done to the team and we will continue to improve our communities lives for the better.”  

Leena Sankla, Director of Public Health and Lifestyle Services at Solutions4Health said: “Congratulations to the Smokefreelife Berkshire team on winning the Reading Retail Award 2017, in the category Health, Beauty and Wellbeing. It’s really wonderful that the judges based their decision on a number of criteria, including user feedback – this is a true reflection on the excellent work being carried out by the team, which reflects the dedication of colleagues across the company.”

The Smokefreelife Berkshire service have been recognised for their outstanding work in helping residents stop smoking, meeting their targets in 2016-17. The services Stop Smoking Advisors have helped over 800 people to quit smoking in the last year and many more in previous years, providing their service in a variety of venues.

To find out more about Smokefreelife Berkshire, visit their website.

Smokefreelife Berkshire are Reading Retail Award winners


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