One digital front door; revitalise your weight loss programme with ShapeUp4Life - Solutions 4 Health

One digital front door; revitalise your weight loss programme with ShapeUp4Life

30 November 2020

We are pleased to have again partnered with Health Tech News to highlight the importance of innovative but effective weight management programmes across the country during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The association between excess weight and poor outcomes with COVID-19 has led to even greater pressure on public health organisations to deliver successful weight loss programmes; ShapeUp4Life presents an effective solution to this long-standing problem, and now offers digital programmes to support services.

Solutions4Health have been providing community group-based child and adult weight management programmes for the past 10 years. The aim of ShapeUp4Life is to make changes to lifestyle and behaviours that not only lead to weight loss, but that can also be maintained over a long-term period. The programme aims to help people to increase immunity, improve gut health, reduce the risk of diabetes, increase physical activity and lose weight. ShapeUp4Life also offers a virtual service, with live Zoom weight management classes consisting of advice on reducing the risk of diabetes, healthy eating, recipes, exercise, and movement.

The digital platform—Digital Shapeup4Life—is available on both iOS and Android, and provides continuous on-demand support for those aged ≥18 years, with a bespoke assessment at the start and end of the programme. The system evaluates data on behavioural changes and success, and working online removes the traditional barriers of face-to-face services, while maintaining quality. The programme is adaptable to suit individual areas, and can be tailored for differing regions and requirements.

“What I liked about ShapeUp4Life is that it wasn’t another diet, but more a change of attitude and a healthier way of life. The combination of changes has left me feeling healthier, energetic and the healthiest weight I have been in 40 years.”

You can read the full article here, and learn more about our ShapeUp4Life programme here.



One digital front door; revitalise your weight loss programme with ShapeUp4Life


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