Wellness on Wheels – vaccinating residents of multi-generational households in Slough

22 April 2021

As part of a short pilot project in Slough, our Solutions4Health team are vaccinating those living in multi-generational households*.

We have consistently seen relatively high rates of viral Covid-19 transmission within multi-generational households during Autumn/ Winter 2020. Even complete compliance with lockdown rules would not stop this transmission due to the multi-generational, high density and high occupancy households. The employment profile in Slough means very few can stay at home entirely and fewer are able to work at home compared to the England average. Large numbers of cohorts 1-9 live with people outside of these cohorts who will bring infection home with them.

The pilot will not be able to vaccinate every multi-generational household, but once the pilot has been evaluated, decisions will be made about the next steps.

Through pilot projects such as this one, we hope to trial new ways to protect the most vulnerable in our communities and help stop the transmission of the virus.

*A multi-generational household is any household that has at least one person aged 65 or over, or clinically extremely vulnerable, living within the same house as another person age 20 years or younger. 

Wellness on Wheels  – vaccinating residents of multi-generational households in Slough


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