SmokeFreeLife® and QUIT® partner to bring smoking support services to wider audience - Solutions 4 Health

SmokeFreeLife® and QUIT® partner to bring smoking support services to wider audience

18 June 2012

Leading telehealth innovator Solutions 4 Health®, and QUIT®, the UK charity that helps smokers to stop, have partnered to offer the online SmokeFreeLife® support service to thousands more would-be quitters.

Solutions 4 Health is the largest independent provider of stop-smoking services in the UK. Its unique SmokeFreeLife telehealth platform will provide online smoking cessation services for QUIT, delivered via its own comprehensive web portal.

The new partnership is officially launched in Birmingham today by Solutions 4 Health Project Director Leena Sankla, and QUIT Chief Executive Glyn McIntosh, from a co-branded stand at the UK National Smoking Cessation Conference.

“Reducing smoking prevalence and helping people to quit smoking in convenient, accessible and innovative ways is an important goal that we are delighted to share with QUIT.” Said Leena Sankla, Solutions 4 Health’s Project Director. “While the Quitline works on the basis of telephone support. SmokeFreeLife goes further by offering people choices in how they receive their support, which is especially valuable for smokers in otherwise hard-to-reach parts of the community, such as pregnant smokers, minority ethnic groups, routine and manual workers.”

“This will definitely strengthen our position to help more people in the UK to quit smoking.” she added.

“This will be a very powerful partnership, pairing the innovative access that Solutions 4 Health offers, with the wide reach and established expertise of QUIT.” said QUIT CEO Glyn McIntosh. “SmokeFreeLife will have a significantly positive impact on the way we work with smokers. SmokeFreeLife has already achieved outstanding success, working with communities across the UK. Our partnership means the Quitline can expand its operations to a wider audience.”

While QUIT will use Solutions 4 Health’s online services, SmokeFreeLife ( – already extensively deployed in the UK – also includes full stop-smoking support including medications and carbon monoxide monitoring for quitters, at a time and place convenient for them, and with their advisor of choice. Solutions 4 Health’s SmokeFreeLife service is an established leader in stop-smoking behavioural support in the UK, where its online and face to face support services have already helped over 16,000 people.

As lead partner of the European Network of Quitlines, QUIT works closely with over 30 European telephone stop-smoking services. Its partnership with Solutions 4 Health will ensure QUIT can support its European partners in meeting the challenges of working with a hugely diverse audience.


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