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Pupils’ smoke-free message

3 August 2016

PupilsPUPILS at Brierley Forest Primary School will be putting pressure on adults to quit smoking in their homes, cars and  at school gates as part of a pilot campaign being run by SmokefreeLife Nottinghamshire.

Parents and carers of pupils at the Sutton school were  asked to sign  a pledge to become  smoke free.

Pupils entered a drawing competition themed “Say Yes To Smokefree Homes And Cars.”

The campaign is part of Smokefree Life Nottinghamshire’s Prevention programme.

It offers education, training and  support to schools, businesses and  organisations where smoking prevalence is high  and  most  likely.

The programme will be extended in the autumn and schools wishing to take part should contact the service.

Helen Shields, public health manager, said:  “The effects  of second-hand smoke are  much underestimated but  can  cause so much damage.

“Children are particularly vulnerable and  can experience  problems such  as glue ear, asthma and developmental issues.

“It is vital to build awareness of the  dangers of smoking early on, so children understand why it’s bad for them and  don’t start to smoke when they are  older.

“We hope  this campaign will encourage children to talk to people  around them who smoke and  encourage them to quit.”

Smokefree Life Nottinghamshire is a free stop  smoking support service funded by Nottinghamshire County Council. It can be contacted on 0800 2465343 or text QUIT  to 66777  to find a session in your  local area.

ABOVE:  Pictured are winning pupils, including some from Albany, Stapleford, which also took part.


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